Which federal party would you support in the next election between conservatives and the liberals? Why?Which federal party would you support in the next election between conservatives and the...

Which federal party would you support in the next election between conservatives and the liberals? Why?

Which federal party would you support in the next election between conservatives and the liberals? Why?

Expert Answers
geosc eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would support the Libertarian party, because 1) it is for less governmental interference with individual freedom; a smaller government would mean lower taxes; more individual freedom would mean a wealthier country.  2) It is for big business making it on its own without governmental subsidies, such as "foreign" aid, tariffs, bailouts, and a host of other ways that taxpayers' dollars are transferred to big business; no subsidization of big business would mean lower taxes for me.

As between the Republicans and the Democrats, some contend that there is no meaningful difference.  Right now, the Democrats control both Congress and the Presidency, so the Republicans are criticizing the Democrats for high taxes and big spending, but when the Republicans have had control, they have taxed big and spent big and the Democrats have criticized them.

Most candidates for public office, regardless of what they say during the campaign, have debts to the party that they belong to for helping get them elected, and have allegiance to some or all of the principles of the party that they belong to, so, to have the best idea of what a candidate will do if elected, look at what his party has done when in control of the government. During a campaiogn, the candidate will say whatever he or she thinks will garner the most votes. What candidates say during the campaign is not a good indication of what they will do if elected.

So, I recommend you examine each party, choose the one that offers you the most plunder (or offers the freest government if that is a concern to you), and vote for its candidates.

missy575 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Most teachers generally support a liberal agenda because they are a unionized group. Liberal politicians tend to support unions and therefore many of us value that support and work to keep liberals in office. Many teachers also consider some of the issues of equality in work conditions and treatment issues of value that help us cling to that party.

However, this current session has been disappointing on both fronts. I find it difficult to support parties who won't work together. The liberals accuse the conservatives of just saying no to everything. The conservatives accuse the liberals of not letting them be a part of anything. How do we know who to believe?

I vote values when I vote. If duing the course of an election, we need someone who is going to provide more civil rights to people, I vote for a candidate who seems to present that. If I find we need more fiscal responsibility, then I vote the party that seems to present the argument best set to achieve it.

The tone of our country right now disappoints me. I've seen many people suffer from the economy. The party in control has had time to deal with it. I will weigh every candidate's background I get the chance to vote for, but as an independent, I am likely leaning conservative just to shake up the balance of power in Washington at the moment.

Hope these ideas help. I hope you receive an opposing viewpoint for balance.

Lori Steinbach eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I am a conservative and will generally vote for the Republicans, since you ask.  I do not, however, blindly support one party.  In the past several elections, I've either requested an absentee ballot or found one ahead of time in order to do my research.  The national or high state candidates and their positions are often fairly well known to me (until this year I lived in Iowa--where politics is literally in the air we breathe); however, I feel an ever-increasing need to make sure my vote counts when it comes to judges as well as other representative positions.  I want to be sure that, as much as I am able, I cast my vote for the person who most reflects my conservative views. 

mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Bravo to #3 with a post that is most cogent. (Thanks for the satire, also, that is so appropriate, as well)  These times are witness to extreme disappointment in the politicos as, obviously, things are not working well.  One comedian suggests that the action to take is to vote every incumbent of Congress out of office every four years to prevent lobbyists and wealthy concerns from too much control for too long a time.  And, since Congress called Stephen Colbert in to testify recently, taking a comedian's advice may be the conventional wisdom of these times. 

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that technology, especially 24 hour media and social networking, has resulted in fringe groups gaining more influence.  The two party system does not leave much room for compromise.  Since it is easier to reach people and share ideas, the additional voices might come into play more and more in future elections.