Which are the feature of extra tropical environments ?

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 Extra tropical environments are temperate and cold. Temperate environments represents a transition between cold climatic zones (polar and subpolar) and the warm ones (inter tropical). Annual average temperatures range between -5 degrees C (toward the polar circles) and 15 degrees C (toward  the tropics).

Extra tropical temperate environments

There is a mixture of cold and warm air due to atmosphere mobility and, to a certain time or periodically, one can dominate. The contrast is great between summer and winter.

Cool and cold temperate environments are extending from west to east as a broad bands, mostly from North America and Asia. They are influenced by a temperate oceanic climate, temperate climate and climate transition, too. These environments are: coniferous forest environment, mixed forest, deciduous forest, the steppe and prairie.

Extratropical storms are formed at contacts between polar air masses and the temperate, sometimes extended to huge surfaces. During the winter, storms are associated with abundant snowfalls that generate strong snowstorms. Extratropical depressions could be frontal and non-frontal. Frontal depressions present before and after atmospheric fronts.

Non frontal depressions are  formed by a sudden heating of an area over the areas around them. In some extratropical regions, eg the Mediterranean Sea, Turkey, western Iran, Central and Western North America, tests have indicated a dry and a wetter climate.

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