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Which of FDR's programs do you recognize as still existing?

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One of the most lasting acts that was created out of the New Deal was the FDIC Legislation.  This act helped to ensure that banks would not go insolvent as the federal government would protect investor's assets in the bank.  In protecting such investments, it helped to enhance consumer confidence in the banking industry.  I would say that Social Security is another New Deal imitative that still exists today.  Workers' paychecks feature FICA deductions that feed into the modern Social Security pool for today.  The fear is that within 20 years, Social Security will dry out as payments will outstrip contributions, but it is still something that exists today.

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There are several of them, actually, and we can still see the physical legacy of some of the ones that are not.

Social Security was passed in 1935 and though it is financially shaky, it has been in effect for the past 75 years.

The Securities and Exchange Commission was created to prevent another stock market crash, and is still an agency of the federal government.

The Federal Housing Authority is still providing low interest loans to people for their first house purchase, and subsidizing low rent housing for those in poverty.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation provides insurance on all bank deposits up to $250,000, and restored permanent confidence in the banking system.

We also have all of the hydroelectric projects and REA projects in small local towns that still exist as public utilities.

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