Which fallacies have been used before in history ?

Expert Answers
noahvox2 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Which fallacies have been used before in history? All of them. Any fallacy that we study about in our rhetoric or English textbooks has been used before.

Whenever we hear one person attack another person rather than trying to dismantle their arguments, we encounter an ad hominem attack.

Whenever we hear someone use a phrase like "America: love it or leave it," we are encountering a false dilemma.

Whenever we hear a statement like, "He's a football player, so he must not be very smart," we are faced with a non sequitur.

In Plato's Apology, Socrates mentions the frequent use in Athenian courts of the ad misericordiam fallacy. In Athens, those accused of crimes would often bring into court their pitiful-looking children to try to play upon the feelings of the jurors.

Whenever we hear a phrase like, "Come on, everyone else is doing it," we find ourselves on the opposite end of a bandwagon appeal.

Whenever early morning talk shows bring on some movie star or entertainer to give their views on politics, there is probably a good chance that we are being subjected to a faulty use of authority.

Thus, any fallacies that we read about in the pages of our rhetoric or English books have all been used before.