In Lord of the Flies, which events are responsible for Jack’s rise to the leader position?`

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ms-mcgregor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are several events which lead to  Jack's rise to power. The first are errors that Ralph makes when dealing with Jack. Right after Ralph is elected chief, he allows Jack to choose another position of leadership and to keep his followers (the choir) together. This attempt at placating Jack allows him to keep control of part of the group and put himself in an important position of chief hunter. Ralph then allows the hunters to be in charge of the fire. However, when a possible rescue ship approaches, the fire has gone out. Ralph has no viable means of insuring Ralph will follow through on his promises and no way of punishing him if he doesn't. Once Jack has been successful in getting meat, the rest of the boys begin to respect him. He has brought them something tangible and Ralph has just kept on complaining and begging the boys to help out. Jack's final move, leaving Ralph's group altogether, is a calculated risk, but one that has been made easier because Ralph has made so many mistakes that the boys are looking for a stronger leader. Jack, of course, proves to be a stronger leader, but the brutal tactics he uses to force control on the boys is harsh and eventually murderous and self-destructive. So the novel teaches a lesson about leadership as well as human instincts.

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