Which event takes place in the rising action of the story "All Summer in a Day"? by Ray Bradbury

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There are a few elements that take place as part of the rising action in "All Summer in a Day."  The first event would be the collective isolation of Margot.  I think that all the acts that set out to ostracize or target Margot can count as event that lead to rising action.  The jeers, the looks, the collective sense of doubting her and envying her at the same time would be examples of this.  Recall that they dislike Margot and envy her at the same time because she has seen the sun on Earth and might be returning back there.  The critical action in the rising action would the boy's suggestion when the teacher leaves to lock Margot in the closet.  This is the last moment of talk and discussing ways to target her, for this leads to the first overt and physical act against Margot.  When they lock her in the closet, this could be the pinnacle of the story, the climax.  It is the first time when talk turns to action, representing the very essence of the tyranny of the majority.

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