Which event is the story’s climax in Lord of the Flies?

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bmadnick eNotes educator| Certified Educator
To figure out when a climax occurs, ask yourself when you know the outcome of the main conflict. The climax occurs just before this and is the most intense or exciting moment of the play. The death of Simon foreshadows the climax, but it isn't the climax.I agree that the climax occurs when Jack and his gang are chasing Ralph, intending to kill him. That's the most intense moment of the play. When Ralph runs into the man who is there to save them, we then know the outcome of the main conflict.
merehughes eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would consider the story's climax to be when the boys kill Simon. All the fear and violence is culminated into this one act.  Everything falls apart after that and the scene which greets the men who rescue the boys is one of chaos.

aj159789 | Student

Simon's Death is the Climax

Anytime, in any novel, when there’s a Bacchic frenzy of tribal dancing, naked painted boys, and hallucinatory murder, it’s the climax. This is the climax of action (murder), the psychological climax (talking, prophetic, and evil severed head), the emotional climax. This was the turning point of the boys; their rapid desend into savagery.

jieun102 | Student
  1. Simon’s death is the climax of Lord of the Flies because it is the event that accumulated all the wrong acts of savagery, violence, and fear together. Jack and his evil tribe taunted Simon that he was a beast, and this action shows us that no longer was Jack the charismatic boy in the beginning novel -- he has turned in to a killer who wanted to destroy everything he disliked. The was the turning event that released Jack’s evil and savagery from his mind and heart; from this point on, the rapid descend of the boy’s savagery will be evident throughout the rest of the chapters, and we can detect that savagery ultimately defeated civilization.
agentawolf | Student

I've done a lot of research on this, and have found these to be the promient answers to the climax. I have added my comments in the "**"


1) When Piggy is Killed.  *Maybe.*

2)When Simon encounters the Lord of the Flies, and realizes the beast is not a physical entity, but lies within each boy.  He tries to this knowledge but is killed.  *I take this to mean, in Laymen's terms, when Simon is killed.  Well... based on the definition of "Climax", I don't agree. . . .*

3)When Jack rebels and forms his own tribe. *Seems to be so*

 4) Ralph fights jack.  *Okay. . . .*


Well, it's open for your interpritation.  What I originally thought (before I looked online) was number 3.  Well, a mix of 3 and 2, if that's possible.

 Well, hope that you have your question answered!

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