Which ensymes can make the speed of photosynthesis faster?

sciencesolve | Student

The speed of chemical reactions, such as photosynthesis, cellular respiration and creation of new proteins, is increased by means of biological catalysts, represented by enzymes, which are soluble protein molecules. All chemical reactions that occur inside or outside the cell, such as protein synthesis, DNA replication and digestion, can be catalyzed by enzymes.

Enzyme reactions are fastened by increasing temperatures, the optimum temperature being the limit of speed that can be attained. Enzymes reactions are also influenced by the pH of solution, hence, the more neutral the work environment is, the faster the reactions are, though, there exists some enzymes, such as digestive enzymes, which can work faster even if values of pH uncommon.

Since some crops of plants do need the enhancements of photosynthesis process, the researchers conducted large amount of studies to find enzymes to speed up the process. Recently, it was discovered that blue-green algae enzymes could speed up the photosynthesis process, rapidly converting water and carbon dioxide into carbohydrates, such as sugars.

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