After World War I, which empire no longer existed?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

While the German and Austro- Hungarian holdings were dramatically impacted upon the conclusion of World War I, the Ottoman Empire ceased to exist after "the war to end all wars."  While Germany and Austria- Hungary were the primary forces of the Central Powers, the Ottoman Empire entered into their alliance.  To this day, the exact rationale behind why the Ottoman Empire would enter into such a conflict is not fully understood.  

The combination of full commitment to an industrial war that stripped resources both internationally and domestically spelled doom for the Ottoman Empire.  It was never really able to establish itself with the military might of the competing European powers and then with American entry into the war.  At the same time, the Ottoman Empire found itself challenged with sustaining its own political and military viability.  This can be seen in its challenges with Armenia and the ensuing Armenian genocide as well as the Arab Revolt which was supported by the Allied forces, most notably Great Britain.  As losses were mounting for the Central Powers as the war continued, the Ottoman Empire found itself in an increasingly challenging position.  As negotiations were more focused on punitive measures towards the Central Powers than a restorative notion of justice, the Ottoman Empire's holdings were partitioned out and the new nation of Turkey emerged.  After this, the Ottoman Empire never reemerged.

prathyuk99 | Student

The Ottoman Empire at that point was made up of several culturally different groups, and it was growing weaker even before WWI. However it was only after the war that it fell.

mhothur99 | Student

The Ottoman Empire.