Which elements of the physical environment are emphasized in the portrayal of various places on television?I've searched on Google and Yahoo, but I can't find anything.

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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The concept of how television portrays various places and the impact of the physical environment is an interesting subtopic of Human geography. Obviously Human geography focuses on the many ways we humans interact with each other. One aspect of Human geography also deals with how we interact with our environment. This, in turn, illuminates the processes and nature of our global society. The elements of the physical environment which are emphasized deal with the conflict of the main characters in the story. The actual physical environmental elements, such as overpowering heat in a tropical jungle, would directly affect the human geography of the area and the story line of the television program. Television goes to great lengths to bring in actual elements of the correct physical elements for specific locations. This reality makes the story more compelling and the actors more realistic. Elements such as Wind, storms, water, air, (or lack thereof), and any other actual physical element in our environment directly affect the television credibility.

 "Unlike physical geography, which is concerned principally with the description and analysis of the land, human geography focuses on the interaction between human populations and the territories in which they live."