Which of the early actions of the Second Continental Congress was the most important and why?

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The Second Continental Congress met in May 1775. It was decided after the First Continental Congress met that they would meet again if needed. As a result of the Boston Tea Party and the Intolerable Acts, conditions got worse after the First Continental Congress adjourned.

There were several actions taken by the Second Continental Congress. I will explain the major actions, and then you can decide which action was most important.

One action it took was to form an army led by George Washington. Conditions had deteriorated to the point where some people felt war was inevitable. This was a significant step toward fighting.

The Second Continental Congress began to act like a government acts. They began to have conversations with other countries. They also printed money. These are actions that any government takes.

The Second Continental Congress sent the Olive Branch Petition to Great Britain. This stated that we wanted to remain peaceful with the British. We stated that the unpopular laws had to be removed for this to happen. The British rejected this offer.

Right before independence was declared, the Second Continental Congress began to debate issues regarding independence. They also authorized Thomas Jefferson to begin drafting the Declaration of Independence. Eventually, the Second Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence declaring we were free from British rule.

There were many important actions taken by the Second Continental Congress. Now you can decide which one was the most important!

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