Crossing the Bar Questions and Answers
by Alfred, Lord Tennyson

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Which do you think is the better perspective about death?

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What options/perspectives are you considering?

I'm not sure there is more than one perspective about death, at least not in the sense that I interpret your question to mean.  It's not like Tennyson is saying that, on one hand, death is such-and-such, and then, on the other hand, death is such-and-such.  That's what I think of with the use of the word "perspective".

It's more of death as a comparison to the daily voyages of life.  You've got the comparison of death and dying to nature's day-to-day events, trying to associate death with the natural order of things, thereby taking away some of the mystique and fear surrounding death and dying.  It's supposed to be comforting, soothing even.

I'm not sure that this answers your question, so if not, please comment back with something more specific so that we've got a little more to work with.

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