Which are the diseases which spreads if 1)the blood clots? 2)the blood doesn't clot?

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In  basis  of these  diseases is a the same  chart  and  they are named  illnesses of haemocoagulation . Foremost, you must understand  in detail  the chart  of haemocoagulation,  after that you will able   to understand  essence  of diseases.A haemocoagulation  flows by the  stages: selection  of thromboplastin from the certain cellules of blood, which are able to stick together--------converting of protrombin( blood's albumen) into an enzyme thrombin under  the influence  of thromboplastin----------------converting of soluble albumen Fibrinogenum into  an insoluble  fibrin under  influence of thrombin. A blood clot  is  created from filaments and clots of fibrin  which helps us to stop up a blood vessel and will stop bleeding .This  thrombin is a dangerous thing!)In  blood , as you understand, it is absent.And  a healthy  man "answer"s  to appearance  of it in  blood   defending  oneself anticoagulant matters (for example, by a heparin) The diseases, what are indicated  by you,  can  arise up, as they say, on  the bowl  of the scale-failing or even  one preponderance of  these  matters on any  of  the stages  of haemocoagulation.All-known is  that the diseases  of the second type  arise up mainly  as a result of  incest.There are:

-haemophilia  A, haemophilia B(illness of Kristmas-defect of matter, depressing coagulation), boys  are ill in generally(probably, you  know about this royal  illness)

- defect of predecessor of thromboplastin(extended time  of coagulation and abnormal  absorption of protrombin) . More frequently this  illness meets in New York, than in London).The variety of this disease is a defect of factor of Khageman. Transmitters are healthy  people -clinically, but their blood during coagulation  takes away the working hours of laboratory assistant))

-vascular haemophilia of Villebrand- womanish  illness,  is caused by the lack  of antigemofil globulin with the defect of capillaries.

There are a few  cases of rare diseases, for example, for 3 persons it was found out illness of lack of protrombin, ten  of cases of abnormal  transformation of albumens in a chart, found out illness  of Styuart for  6  children from  a husband  and  wife (related by blood) which were so  wise  as  to do 12 children ( maybe, specially for  experiments)))

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