which describes the polynominal 2x-7x^3+3 it is in descending order, it is a degress of 3, it has 5 terms or it has a leading coefficent of 2  

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Given the polynomial `2x-7x^3+3` :

(1) This polynomial is not in standard or descending order -- you would want the terms in order from highest degree to lowest degree from left to right. Here this would be `-7x^3+2x+3`

(2) This polynomial does have degree 3. A polynomial has the degree as the degree of the term with the highest degree. If written in standard form, this would be the degree of the first term.

(3) This polynomial has 3 terms -- terms are seperated by + or -. Thus `2x,-7x^3,` and 3 are all terms.

(4) The leading coefficient is the coefficient of the first term if the polynomial is written in standard form. Here the leading coefficient is -7.

Thus your answer is the polynomial has degree 3.


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