Which country joined the side of the Allies in 1914?

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In 1914, World War I began. There were several reasons why this war began. One of the reasons why the war began was that there was a system of alliances that tied countries to each other. There was the Triple Alliance that included Italy, Austria-Hungary, and Germany. On the other side was the Triple Entente that included Great Britain, France, and the Soviet Union.

However, after the war began, one member of the Triple Alliance switched sides. That was the country of Italy. Italy believed the Triple Alliance, which became the Central Powers after the war began, didn’t offer them enough land should the Central Powers win the war. As a result, Italy joined the Triple Entente, which was called the Allies after the war began, and fought on their side.

starken2 | Student

After the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, WWI started, in part, because of a complicated system of alliances between nations. The main alliances were between Italy, Austria-Hungary and Germany and the alliance between Great Britain, France and the Soviet Union. Because Italy did not agree with the conditions of post-war division of land, it switched sides in 1914.