To which countries did the Ottoman Empire lose territory?

Expert Answers
mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The fall of the Ottoman Empire began with the decline with the Sultanate in which the Sultan would carefully select a successor.  After Suleyman the Magnificent became less actively involved in the affairs of the state, there was a plot against him and executed him.  Selim II became the sultan, but he had little experience.  Enjoying physical pleasures, he paid little attention to matters of the state.  His successors, his brothers, were even worse. 

This decline in the sultanate led to the weakening of the central government's power over the empire.  By 1808 the empire's holdings in North Africa  leaned toward independence and in 1826 Greece began its way to sovereignty.  Added to this the empire stagnated economically and failed to indusrialize as did the European countries.

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