Which conspirator is responsible to see that Caesar comes to the Senate and how does he do this?

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lmillerm eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Decius is responsible for bringing Caesar to the Senate that day. Because of Calpurnia's dream, Caesar is hesitant to go, and she has suggested that Decius lie. Caesar does not want to send a lie to the Senate House, and Decius needs to know some cause so he will not be laughed at. Caesar tells Decius Calpurnia's dream: She dreamt that she saw Caesar's statue with a "hundred spouts" like a fountain, only it ran with blood and many happy Romans surrounded the statue and bathed their hands in the blood.
Decius tells Caesar that the dream was misinterpreted. Instead, Decius explains that the dream "was a vision of fair and fortunate." Caesar was pleased with Decius' interpretation, and agreed to go to the Senate House.

khenson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Decius accepts the challenge of ensuring Caesar's presence at the Capitol on the Ides of March.  He realizes that Caesar's superstitious nature is easily overtaken with generous flattery.  Decius also politely explains how foolish Caesar could look in front of the senate if he were to stay at home due to his wife's nightmares.

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