which conducts more electricity energy:a metal bar or a balloon?how should i put this question into a  hypothesis

amin196 | Student

Ultimately it depends on the type of metal, although almost all metals conduct electricity very well. A balloon can also vary depending on the material of which it is made. However, in general, a metal bar would be more conductive than a balloon.

You can compose a hypothesis by creating a statement. Do you think a metal bar is more conductive or a balloon? Whichever one you choose, create a statement that suggests that your choice conducts more electricity.

For example: A metal bar made of copper conducts more electricity than a latex balloon.

View the resources at the bottom of this question for more in depth information on formulating a hypothesis and properties of metals.

igmimi | Student

A metal bar as metals are good conductors of electricity and heat.

paisleysucks52 | Student


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