Which Compound Is Least Soluble In Water At 60.°c

Which compound is LEAST soluble in water at 60. C?

1.  KC1O 3

2.  KNO 3

3.  NaC1

4.  NH4C1

sciencesolve | Student

You need to examine the solubility chart that provides you information about solubility of inorganic compounds in water, with temperature.

You need to collect all these information and then you need to compare these values to find the least soluble compound in water, at the temperature of 60^oC.

Examining the table yields the following solubility values at 60^oC, such that:

- potassium chlorate (KClO3): 23.8

- potassium nitrate (KNO3):  103.4

- sodium chloride (NaCl): 37.04

- ammonium chloride (NH4Cl): 55.3

Comparing these values yields that the least soluble compound in water, at 60^o C, is potassium chlorate (KClO3): 23.8.

ayl0124 | Student

A helpful tool for this problem is a solubility graph/diagram. A solubility graph/diagram shows how much of a chemical can be saturated in water at a given temperature. I have linked an image of one below. 

Find 60 degrees on the x-axis and slowly move your finger up. Various slopes of chemicals will line up. Out of the chemicals you have listed, KClO3 is lowest line listed. As you move up higher along the y-axis, you begin to see NaCl, NH4Cl, and then finally KNO3. 

Therefore, KClO3 is the least soluble in water at 60 degrees C. 

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