Which of the colonies had the most diverse settler population?

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According to Radford University, the Middle Colonies were the most diverse in Colonial America. New York, for example, was home to a wide variety of immigrant groups, including Dutch, Belgian, English, Finns and Swedes. (See the first reference link.) In fact, the population of New York was so diverse that one English settler made the following complaint in 1686:

"Our chiefest unhappyness here is too great a mixture of Nations, & English the least part.” (See the second reference link.)

Similarly, in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, we see evidence of diversity through the number of religions practiced there. From Presbyterians and Quakers to Mennonites and Jews, these colonies were populated by those who escaped religious persecution in Europe. (See the second reference link.)

To further add to this melting pot, the Middle Colonies were also home to high numbers of African slaves and Native American tribes, including the Algonkian and the Iroquois. (See the third reference link.)

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