Which child got hurt in Chapter 6 of "The Water is Wide"?

Expert Answers
dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is Mary, the shy thirteen-year-old, who gets hurt during the Halloween field trip to the mainland. 

Transportation arrangements for the children once they arrive at Bluffton High School do not go smoothly, and while the narrator, Pat Conroy, is trying to straighten them out, Mary falls on the unfamiliar asphalt and hurts her knee.  When he gets to her, she is sitting stoically, with her hand covering her knee, and "dark, red blood ooze(s) between her fingers".  When Conroy examines Mary's knee, he is "jarred by the sight of (her) blood-stained but ivory white kneecap...a flap of skin...smashed against the right side of her bone".  Clearly, the wound is serious; Conroy realizes that Mary's injury "merit(s) immediate treatment and...that her wound would require quite a few stitches".  Conroy takes Mary himself to Dr. Wohlert's office for medical attention (Chapter 6).

wereadforschool | Student

Mary skinned her knee when she fell on the asphalt. Pat had to take her to the doctor to get stitches