Which chemical is used to produce anti-iron properties in copper ?

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I think you must be mistaken with your phrase "anti-iron."  I have never heard of this phrase before.  A quick search around the internet shows absolutely no credible mention of the phrase "anti-iron."  I think you might be talking about antimicrobial uses of copper metal.  There have been numerous studies over the years of the antimicrobial effects of copper metal.  There does not need to be any chemical added to copper to make it antimicrobial.  Pure, clean copper metal does appear to kill many strains of disease causing bacteria completely on its own.  In fact, the FDA has allowed for some copper metal products to be advertised as antimicrobial agents for disinfectant type uses.  Hospitals can use copper doorknobs and bed railings to help prevent the spread of disease.  Other disinfectant uses include having copper shopping cart handles and computer keyboards.

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