Arcadia Questions and Answers
by Tom Stoppard

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Which characters view the universe in a Romantic way and which view it in a classical way in Arcadia?

Arcadia contains both characters who see the world romantically and classically. Though many of the characters display characteristics of both, usually each lays heavily on one side of the argument. Characters that view the world classically include Thomasina, Lady Croom, Hannah, and Valentine. Romantic characters include Richard Noakes and Bernard.

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Tom Stoppard's play Arcadia positions the conflicting viewpoints of classicism and Romanticism through the characters, presenting the differences between the intellectual and the emotional and order versus disorder but also displaying that these ideas can co-exist.

Classical characters include the following:

Thomasina, though she has characteristics of both the classical and the Romantic, leans heavily on the side of the classical. Thomasina understands thermodynamics at...

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