Which characters in There There felt discriminated against?

Many characters in There There feel discriminated against in direct and indirect ways. Thomas Frank's dad suffered discrimination when he couldn't play sports at college. Thomas Frank discriminates against his own dad when he asks him to turn down his peyote tapes. We might say Orvil internalizes discrimination when he mocks himself for wearing the regalia. Lastly, we could argue Ocatvio discriminates against Tony by making him dress up for the robbery.

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There seems to be lots of discrimination going on in Tommy Orange’s novel There There. We think you could talk about discrimination in connection with not just one character but with an array of characters.

Let's start with Thomas Frank's dad. We could say his dad faced discrimination. He wasn't allowed to play college sports in Oklahoma because he was Native American. Who else subjects his dad to discrimination? Thomas himself. We find out how much it bothered Thomas to drive to Blockbuster while his dad played his peyote tapes super loud. What did Thomas do? He asked him to turn it off.


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