Which characters in The Outsiders are round, flat, static, and dynamic?

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Round, flat, static, and dynamic character types are descriptors for characters within a story that show the characters' reactions to their backgrounds and to the action of the narrative. Oftentimes these terms can overlap. For example, round and flat character types are considered antithetical to one another, as are static and dynamic types. However, there is a very common overlap between static and flat characters and round and dynamic characters. Occasionally, a character can even be round and static if they are a complex character who simply does not change over the course of the story.

Round characters are characters who are complex and have many motivating factors in what makes them contribute to the action. Round characters include Ponyboy, Darry, and Johnny, as they all have well-explored and unique lives that have shaped them as people.

Flat characters are characters who seem to exist only to support the narrative and have very surface-level personas that are not deeply explored....

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