Among the Volcanoes Questions and Answers
by Omar S. Castaneda

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In the book Among the Volcanoes, describe a character you like or dislike. Explain why by giving examples from the story.

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The answer to this question depends on your own feelings and values. Your answer would be determined by which character you empathize with, what qualities you admire in that character, and/or the traits that you feel are important for a character to possess. I'll give you some direction, but then I suggest you go to the link below and click on the "Characters" category. Read about each character and then decide the one you like the most.

Perhaps you decide Isabel might be your favorite character. What does she do and say that you admire? Is it because she's willing to sacrifice her life in order to take care of her mother? Maybe it's because she is willing to accept change instead of insisting on keeping the traditional ways.

Manuela, Isabel's mother, could be a character you like because in spite of her illness, she can still demonstrate her loving nature to others.

You might also choose Allan because he wants to help the people of Guatemala, but he also respects their traditions and beliefs.

Alfredo, Isabel's father, is also an admirable character. He has a hard life, but he does what he can to support his family, both financially and emotionally.

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