What characters change in the course of Henrik Ibsen's play A Doll's House ?

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Nora changes most dramatically, ultimately becoming a woman who is unwilling to settle. When she realizes that her husband will not do "the wonderful thing" she hoped he would, she understands that he does not love her in the way she thought—or the way she deserves. Torvald becomes, to her, a "strange man" whose house she cannot bear to share for even a night longer. She had been willing to do anything for him, to sacrifice anything to save his life, but he is not willing to do the same. Nora tells him that he "neither think[s] nor talk[s] like the man [she] could bind [her]self to." He has threatened and berated her, telling her she is no longer fit to raise their children and that he will never let them see her, and he only forgives her when the threat to his honor has passed. Though once his forgiveness would have meant the world to her, it feels empty to her now. Nora now sees that she has sacred "duties to [her]self" that are more important than duty to her husband or children. She...

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