Which character was closest with Meursault's Maman?

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In Albert Camus' The Stranger, it is clear that when Maman was living with Meursalt that they were not close.  Meursault admits:

When we lived together, Mother was always watching me, but we hardly ever talked.

After Meursault puts her in Home of the Aged Persons in Marengo, fifty miles away from Meursault in Algiers, she becomes close to elderly people her age.  The doorkeeper admits to Meursault:

“She had good friends here, you know, old folks like herself, and one gets on better with people of one’s own generation. You’re much too young; you couldn’t have been much of a companion to her.”

In particular, an unnamed woman at the vigil, seated in the second row, weeps more than the other...

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