Which character shows conformity in Lord of The Flies and what are some quotes that prove it?

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Virtually all of the boys on the island show conformity at one time or another in the story. We see this in the first chapter, when all of the boys clamor for a leader.

Eventually, Ralph is chosen to be chief. Meanwhile, Jack Merridew is chosen as the head of the hunter group (which comprises the members of Jack's school choir). Both Ralph and Jack display conformity from the very beginning of the story. The difference between the two, however, is of what each chooses to conform.

Ralph believes that right conduct is imperative to the preservation of a civilized society. To enable right conduct, certain rules must be followed by everyone. Ralph prizes these rules and conventions, and this can be seen in how he interacts with the boys under his charge. Meanwhile, Jack believes that "might makes right." He believes that a true leader is characterized by his strength of will and his ability to intimidate his followers. In chapter 2, Jack plunges his knife into a tree trunk for emphasis: he'll...

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