Most interesting character in Macbeth?Which character is the most interesting in Macbeth and why?

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I really am interested in Malcolm, even though he rarely appears.  The scene with him tempting Macduff is one of my favorites.  I think that for one so young he is clever and passionate.  He is deserving of mention for these reasons.  He also makes some smart choices in the actual battle.

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I think that the three witches (the Weird Sisters) are fascinating characters.

Macbeth is a play that deals with issues of good and evil as well as ambiguity which the witches themselves completely embody. Yes, they are sinister and grotesque as all good, scary witches should be, but at the same time they comment on the dualities that exist in the world.

They are mischief makers and obviously like to cause havoc with mortal lives, but what's most interesting is that they never actually do anything. They merely make appearances and make predictions, but other than that, they are observers of the action that takes place throughout the course of the play. This, of course, brings up issues of fate and destiny as well as free will. Would Macbeth have killed Duncan if the witches hadn't told him he would become king? Would he have been so foolhardy in battle if the witches hadn't counseled him?

They really are wonderful characters.

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I agree that Lady MacBeth is one of the more engaging and dynamic characters in the play.

1. She could be a study in psychology because of how she changes over time. Her guilt and infected consciousness changes her from a strong, assertive, self-possessed woman into a somnabulist who eventually plunges to her death.

2. You can study how her womanly influence works in the play as wife, as accomplice, as hostess, etc.

There's much more, of course. 

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I think that Lady Macbeth is the most interesting character in the play. She is evil and manipulative, but for some reason, I want to to succeed. She is an impressive woman tyrant.

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Please if you can give me more info. about her i'll be glad of that,

thanks for all...

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