Which character in The Kite Runner do you sympathize with?Which character in The Kite Runner do you sympathize with?

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I sympathize with Afganistan.  The portrayal is so powerful that I think Afganistan is almost a character in the book.  When you think about this beautiful country and when it has been through, it is very sad.  I feel that as Americans we only make things worse.

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I probably sympathized most with Ali. Crippled, impotent and a Hazara, he was born to the lowest of the classes in Afghanistan. Suffering the added indignity of Baba fathering Hassan with his own wife, and the embarrassment of Hassan being accused of theft, Ali was a pitiful character indeed. His death by a roadside bomb seemed fitting for the life he led in war-torn Afghanistan.

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I sympathize with Amir's character.  From the beginning, he tries to be all that he thinks his Baba wants him to be, and soon enough, Amir falls into prejudical feelings about himself and others around him.  He behaves cowardly and despicably when he chooses to leave Hassan in the alley to be raped by Asef's gang; however, he does know that he has made a grave mistake.  Amir then spends the rest of his life trying to make amends for what he has done while trying to become a better man.  Amir is by far no hero, and thus he represents the everyday person who makes mistakes too.  In this way, he is a sympathetic character to me.

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