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by William Shakespeare

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Why is Marc Antony best suited to become the ruler of Rome after the death of Caesar in Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare?

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Marc Antony in Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare  proved himself to be a loyal friend.  He found the assassination of Caesar abhorrent.  Marcus Antonius [Marc Antony} was a great general under Julius Caesar and one of his closest friends. He was also a distant relative of Caesar.  As a young man, Marc Antony did not always make good decisions; and so he was sent to Greece to study rhetoric.

Obviously, his natural oratory ability and his study of the Greek orators helped him to win over the people of Rome and influence others to trust him.  While serving with Caesar, Antony showed a fine aptitude for command, distinguishing himself with both courage and leadership.  Later, Antony would become Caesar's most trusted and able general. Unfortunately, his brutish and overbearing personality created problems that would plague Antony throughout his life.

When Caesar was assassinated, Antony swore vengeance for him.  In his famous funeral oration, Antony convinced the Roman citizenry...

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