which character inthe short story the drover's wife appeal to you? give reasons for your choice using information from the story.no.

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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Thanks for sharing this title- I read it in about 10 minutes because it was so darn interesting and well-written! I was inclined for Tommy, the 11 year old son. He understands his mother's situation as a lonely yet completely independent and strong woman. He even tells her in the end "damn me (basically, that's what he meant) if I ever become a drover" (like his dad) because he saw how hard his mom had it without the Drover being there.  The little boy was willing to kill the snake that threatened the shack, and he showed no fear. He was much like his mother, and (as the mother of a boy, myself) that is one of the greatest characteristics a good man has: To inherit their strength and capability of love from their mothers. 

Again, thanks so much for introducing me to this story. I will pass it on.

prakriti27 | Student

I loved the character of Tommy the eldest son of the drover's wife. He is full of energy. He was always ready to kill the snake which entered the house. He is also a caring son as at the last of the story he asked his mother that when ever he thinks to become a drover she scold him. As he saw her mothers hard work and care for them and how much she struggles everyday and face problems.

prakriti27 | Student

Drover's wife character appeals me more as she is a protective and caring mother. Everyday of her life has a new struggle but she always faced them without ever complaining about it. She always use take care of her children. She loves them a lot as every Sunday she used to dress them well and go for a walk. She dress them well even after knowing that there is no one to see them but then also when ever she gets time from her struggling life she shows her love and affection to them.

epollock | Student

The drover's wife is presumably the only adult character in the story.  She protects the children from a snake by clubbing it to death and throwing it into the fire. She is very resilient, fearful of the snake--which makes her more appealing, protective over her children, but finds the courage in herself to kill the snake for the safety of her family.

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