Discuss the significance of which character goes through the most dramatic change over the time-span of the play.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that Cory undergoes the greatest amount of change over the course of the play and the redemption intrinsic to this represents the greatest significance of it.  Cory is able to follow his own dreams, even if they are not exactly what he originally envisions.  In joining the armed services, Cory demonstrates that he is able to break free of the cycle of pain and suffering that his father embodies.  At the same time, he is presented at the end of the drama as a man, himself, from the boy seen earlier in the drama.  In attending his father's funeral, Cory also represents the emotional change that Troy was never able to accomplish.  It is significant that he changes in this way primarily because Troy and his father were never able to move in such a direction.  The change is best seen when Cory sings his father's favorite song at the funeral, as a testament to him.  This brings out how Cory has changed significantly since the start of the play.  With such a change, Wilson's hope of redemption is evident, as the younger generation is seen as one capable of change, possessing the capacity to embrace hope in a world of despair.