Which character fits the devil figure archetype in Tale Of Two Cities?include textual evidence and analysis

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Kristen Lentz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Madame Defarge fits the devil archetype in A Tale of Two Cities, because of her powerful role in the revolution.

"Listen! For other crimes as tyrants and oppressors, I have this race a long time on my register, doomed to destruction and extermination."

Knitting names of transgressors into a shroud at the foot of the Guillotine, Madame Defarge holds the lives of people in her hand, exercising her power to damn frequently.  Her regard for others practically nonexistent, Madame Defarge is cruel and ruthless, using the violence of the rebellion to carve a vendetta against the aristocracy.

"Both her hearers derived a horrible enjoyment from the deadly nature of her wrath" (339).

Madame Defarge has all the nuances of the devil archetype.  Her vengeful wrath and lack of mercy dooms opponents in her path.  Madame Defarge is, without a doubt, the darkest character in A Tale of Two Cities.

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