In The Joy Luck Club, which character drastically changes in a section or the entire book?

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In The Joy Luck Club, An-mei Hsu drastically changes in a section of the book.  In "Scar," one of the earlier chapters of the book, An-mei recounts her mother's getting thrown out of her grandmother's house.  An-mei was just a small girl at the time and did not understand the circumstances that influenced her mother's situation with Wu Tsing.  She believes that her mother is a disgrace.  In a later chapter "Magpies," An-mei recalls her mother's return and their move into Wu Tsing's home.  While she is there, An-mei learns the truth about her mother and Wu Tsing's second wife.  Before dying, An-mei's mother tells her that she is dying so that An-mei will have a stronger spririt.  After her mother commits suicide, An-mei gains the strength to rebel against Wu Tsing and his family.  Wu Tsing is afraid that An-mei's mother's spirit will return to "settle scores" so he reveres An-mei and her brother.  By the end of this chapter, An-mei has gone from being a frightened child to a strong spirited young woman who is able to stand up for her place in the world.

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