Which character develops the most over time in Hamlet?

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I think it's fair to say that the main character, Hamlet, is the one who develops the most throughout the course of the play.

Think about Hamlet's first soliloquy in act 1, scene 2. Hamlet is very depressed as he shares his emotions with the audience. One of the most memorable moments of this soliloquy is when Hamlet reveals that he is suicidal. He says that he does not commit suicide because the bible has a law against "self-slaughter."

In his second soliloquy, Hamlet chides himself for not taking action against his uncle. This sets up a big development in his character as we move on to act 4.

In act 4, scene 4, the audience is treated to an exciting moment as they see the protagonist filled with energy and determination. Hamlet has finally decided to do something about his treacherous uncle and this likely makes members of the audience share in his passion and enthusiasm. In this scene, Hamlet sees the army of Fortinbras marching through the cold and into battle. This helps inspire Hamlet to finally take action and seek revenge against King Claudius.

This development in Hamlet is one of most exciting parts of the play. The audience sees Hamlet go from a quiet, depressed, and arguably aimless prince to a motivated, vengeful, and determined man who is ready to confront Claudius.

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