In Lisa See’s novel Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, which character other than Lily or Snow Flower was  most influential??

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In Lisa See’s novel Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, the two main characters are Lily and Snow Flower, with Lily being the protagonist and her relationship with Snow Flower the impetus of the plot. Many minor characters populate the novel, including the women's children, especially their two daughters, their parents, and their husbands. Perhaps the most important figure, though, in terms of influence is Madame Wang.

First, Madame Wang is a matchmaker, a role in which she affects who people marry, and a culturally significant and powerful role in the culture of the period. Next, she is the person who first suggested that Lily form a  "laotong" relationship with Snow Flower. She also insists that Lily's footbinding be meticulous and that this and the laotong relationship will bring the family good luck. Next, Madame Wang arranges a very good marriage for Lily with the eldest son of a wealthy family, a marriage that is quite happy, as Lily finds her husband and in-laws agreeable. 

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