Which character are thunderbolts associated with in The Odyssey?

In The Odyssey, thunderbolts are associated with Zeus, the ruler of the gods.

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In Greek mythology, thunderbolts are associated with Zeus, the god of thunder, lightning, and the sky. Zeus is the ruler of all the gods, which gives him immense power and authority. In many Greek myths, Zeus harnesses the power of thunder and lightning to express his anger and punish those who have wronged him.

In The Odyssey, Zeus is heavily associated with thunder. When Odysseus and his crew reach the island of the sun, the ravenous crew kills cattle owned by Helios, the sun god. Previously, Circe warned them not to kill those cattle, lest they face the wrath of Helios.

After his cattle are killed, Helios complains to Zeus, demanding that he punish Odysseus. Consequently, once Odysseus sets sail, his ship is struck by thunderbolts, which destroy the ship and kill his crew. These thunderbolts are sent by Zeus as a punishment for killing the cattle of Helios and for ignoring the advice of the gods.

In this part of the text, Zeus uses his powers over the sky, lightning, and thunder in order to punish Odysseus's crew, thereby restoring order and harmony among the gods. As such, we see that Zeus is associated with thunderbolts in this text, using his divine abilities to assert power, justice, and authority.

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