Which of the caribou do the wolves seem to single out for their kill in Julie of the Wolves?

Expert Answers
dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The wolves seem to single out the weakest of the caribou for their kill.  Instinctively, they seem to know that a reasonabley healthy caribou can outrun them, but if the wolves can just manage to catch the animal, they will be able to quickly bring it down.  Working as a team, they use their deadly teeth and claws to disable the caribou with "slashes and blood-letting bites".  When the unlucky beast is dead, the wolves tear it open and unceremoniously "(fall) to the feast".

Miyax has seen how swiftly the healthy caribou can run.  They are so confident in their ability to outrun their predators that the herds pass close by "their enemies the wolves" without a second thought.  She realizes that "the young and the healthy ones (do) not fear the wolves, and the sick and the old (are) doomed in winter".  This is the natural order of things, survival of the fittest.  Miyax remembers that she had been able to glean life-saving meat and hides from the last caribou which the wolves had brought down.  Upon examination of the animal, Miyax had discovered that that caribou had been "so infested with the larvae of nose flies it had not been able to eat...a weakling, it had become food to give strength both to her and to the wolves" (Part 1 - "Amaroq the Wolf").