which came first the chicken or the egg???

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I am not sure I agree about that.  If the chicken was first, it might be because the chicken evolved.  The chicken still needed to lay the egg.  I don't think there is any possible way to answer this question, and it is indeed a brain teaser.

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Many people ask this as a rhetorical question, or use it as an example of an infinite cause-effect loop.  It actually has a much deeper meaning because the way a person answers this question reveals part of their belief system.

People that believe the answer is "the chicken" are supporting the creationism theory of life.  At God's command, a chicken appeared and then began to reproduce via eggs.

People that believe the answer is "the egg" are supporting the evolutionary theory of life.  Thousands of years ago, a certain species of bird called the Red Junglefowl lived in the Indo-China region.  People began to demosticate these birds for the purposes of food.  Born out of their natural habitat, the junglefowl began to adapt, and eventually their offspring became the modern version of a chicken.  In other words, a Red Junglefowl laid an egg and a chicken was the result.


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