Which came first the chicken or the egg? The classic question, that no one has an answer to.

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Well, there are plenty of answers, but it depends on who you ask.  If you ask a Christian, the chicken came first, because it was created by God.  The chicken then layed the first egg, which came second.  If you ask someone who believes in evolution, they may answer that the egg came first, from which the chicken hatched.  Of course, the evolutionist may also argue the chicken came first, because it was evolved from some pre-chicken evolutionary early ancestor.  The argument is another theological war over which school of thought is right, creationism or evolution.  I personally believe in the story of creation, that God spoke this world into existence, along with the stars and planets in the heavens.  I also believe God created every living thing on this planet, from chickens to us.  Whether or not you believe in creation or evolution, I think we have to agree the chicken somehow was there to lay the egg.

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