Which came first: the chicken or the egg?

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jmj616 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

According to the Biblical book of Genesis, the chicken clearly came first.

See Genesis, chapter 1, verses 20-23: On the fourth day of creation, God created water creatures and birds.  "And God blessed them and said, 'be fruitful and multiply...and the birds shall be many in the land."

The sequence of events--the creation of birds, THEN the blessing that they will multiply--clearly indicates that the chicken came before the egg.

Believe what you wish; when you make a list of the different "teams" in this debate, put the book of Genesis on the "chicken-first" team.  (Colonel Sanders and Frank Perdue are also on this team!)

enotechris eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Neither. This question has been asked and answered many times.  See link.

jnamiotka | Student

The egg: dinosaurs were laying eggs long before chickens came along...

lynchie | Student

Depends on your view of creation...Christians would say the chicken because God created all land animals on the sixth day of creation...Evolution would say the egg and that the chicken was the eventual result of various evolutions and mutations from crossbreeding species of birds and such...


i.e.  animal 1 + animal 2 = egg 1 = animal 3

animal 3 + animal 4 = egg 2 = animal 4

and so on and so on until the chicken comes about. No one knows what animal exactly it adapted from (Though most likely a bird of some sort, but not necessarily) and we may never know.

missiup1 | Student

It's all relative.

We only know something to be something if it's given a name and one can categorize it within it's category.

If I know it to be a chicken and it has the qualities of chicken it therefore must be a chicken.

If I know it to be an egg and it has the qualities of the egg it therefore must be an egg.

Because we are egocentric man if we identify something, label it, categorize it, and familiarize it, it therefore is something.

When we are absent we might say it doesn't exist. ( We are that arrogant!)

So, if we can go back in time, look at linguistics, decide if man figured out if a chicken or egg was identified first in language, we have an answer.




mr-i-answer | Student

Chickens hatch from eggs, but eggs are laid by chickens, making it difficult to say which originally gave rise to the other. To ancient philosophers, the question about the first chicken or egg also evoked the questions of how life and the universe in general began.

But the egg came first

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