Which boys go exploring the island in Lord of the Flies by William Golding?

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In Chapter 1, Ralph, Jack, and Simon explore the island while Piggy and the other boys stay behind on the platform. Initially, Piggy attempts to tag along and go with the boys, but Jack tells him, "We don't want you...Three's enough" (Golding, 18). The three boys then jump off the platform and begin their expedition. Ralph, Simon, and Jack end up walking to the end of the island before they begin climbing the mountain. When the three boys successfully climb to the top of the mountain, they discover that they are on an uninhabited boat-shaped island. They also notice that there is another small island off the coast of the far side of the island, which will become Jack's headquarters later in the novel. After the three boys survey the island, they begin walking back to their base camp when they hear a pig squealing. The three boys quickly rush towards the pig, and Jack draws his knife. Unfortunately, Jack hesitates, and the pig ends up escaping from the creepers. At the beginning of Chapter 2,...

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