Which books contain the character ginger dick or sam small

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beateach eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The author W.W. Jacobs wrote Captains All, Night Watches-The Understudy, The Guardian Angel Ship's Company, Peter's Pence, Deep Waters, Light Freights, Bill's Lapse, A Circular Tour, Self Help, and The Third String which include the characters Ginger Dick and Sam Small. 

W.W. Jacobs wrote these books in the late 1890's. The stories recount the escapades of a night watchman, on the docks of Wapping, England in London's East End on the banks of the Thames River, along with his comrades Ginger Dick and Sam Small. Ginger Dick and Sam Small returned from sea voyages with their pay, and the hope to stay ashore for extended leaves but they are easily parted with their money in these humorous stories.

Other books by the author include the Monkey's Paw and The Toll Booth which are considered to be macabre in nature as opposed to being humorous.

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