In which book of the "Twilight Saga", does Edward turn Bella into a vampire and why?Does he turn her because of the baby issue or because of the Vultri?

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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In "Breaking Dawn" Bella is pregnant with Edward's child.  She has been in agony and the baby's development in the womb is killing Bella.  She eventually has to even drink blood to keep the baby from absorbing all of her blood.  She has broken bones, and is in a great deal of pain.  When it is time for Labor, the baby starts to kill Bella in an attempt to be born.  An emergency c-section must be performed to save her life, but it isn't working so Edward turns Bella to save her life and the life of his baby.

alannahcoleman | Student

Edward turns Bela into a vampire in the last book because she is going to die because when she was giving birth Renesmee cracked her spine and Edward acted fast and aplied the venom straight to her heart so she had a quick process

tggirl | Student

Actually, the placenta detatched and the baby (renesemee) is dying along with Bella. But after the baby is born is when Bella dies and Edward turns her into a vampire


ericathecritic | Student

Breaking Dawn chapter 18 "the baby issue"- Bella had agreed to wait a few more years while on her honeymoon.  She had even agreed to go to Dartmouth a few semesters.  But since the baby was going to kill her...Carlisle and Edward had done there research and no woman on the planet had ever given birth to a half breed and survived.  So they had agreed to go ahead and turn her.

iridawn | Student

During this time, the baby is a half vampire half human. The Cullens have never heard of such a birth happening and knew that if Bella went through with the birth she would die. Since Bella did not want to kill the baby, the baby itself was killing her from the inside. In order to save Bella from dying, Edward bit her in order to keep her alive even though she would turn into a vampire. Bella, however, is still a young vampire so she would need to be controlled. 

zumba96 | Student

He turns her into a vampire in Breaking Dawn because when she gave birth to her child, her daughter was pushing and crawling itself out of her body which would have caused her to die if Edward did not bite and save her in order for her to become a vampire. 

crystaltu001 | Student

In breaking dawn, he turns her into a vampire because if she gave birth to her baby she would die so he had no other choice

faria49 | Student

In Breaking Dawn because she is dying.

xxalannahxx | Student

In Breaking Dawn Bella falls pregnant with Edward's baby. The baby is a half-breed and is killing Bella. She eventually has to drink blood to keep the baby and herself alive. The baby breaks her ribs and she is in a great deal of agony. When it is time for her to give birth the placenta detaches and Edward has to turn her into a vampire because if he didn't she would die.

jmtgr1 | Student

Breaking Dawn. About 2 weeks into their honeymoon Bella feels sick and thinks it is just the chicken that makes her throw up. When Bella discovers something is moving in her stomach and Edward confirms with his father, Dr. Cullen, it is possible she could be expecting, Bella panics and calls his sister for help. Bella wants to keep her little "nudger". The growth of the baby within her is not a human 9 months, but more like a non-human month or two give or take. Edward does not turn Bella into a Vampire because of the Vultri. He attempts to save her while giving birth to a "Monster" to Edward or "thing" and Bella's baby that she wants. Jacob and Edward both watch and listen in horror as the baby is killing Bella. Edward literally rips the mesh around the womb and takes the baby out while Jacob is doing CPR. Edward injects his own venom into a needle into Bella's heart while at the same time trying to heal the wounds and the cut where he made to remove the baby. Edward, in all his attempts to save Bella, knew it was not the perfect time to debate if it was the right time for Bella to become a vampire. He either saved her by turning her or he had to let her go.

I have wondered if the author had let them enjoy a honeymoon and come back letting the characters go to college etc....when Edward would have turned her. Read the is

renee2 | Student

edward turns her into a vamp in breaking dawn. she was givin birth it was to much for her the pain of havin a kid then she sort of dies then edward turns her. he doent bite her he puts his venom in a seringe and sticks it in her heart.

jcw1997 | Student

Edward turns Bella into a vampire in book 4 Breaking Dawn because their baby is growing rapidly amnd its killing Bella fast. Sop when Bella is giving birth Edward has to turn her into a vampire to keep her from dying.

bekkygirl1 | Student

Edward turns Bella into a vampire in "Breaking Dawn." He does this because after Bella gives birth to their daughter, Renesmee, she dies. Edward turns her into a vamp to save her life.

hermione715 | Student

Edward turns Bella into a vampire in the fourth book Breaking Dawn because she was about to die after giving birth to there beautiful hybred daughter Renesmee. I read this book three times.

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