How to Grow UpWhich is a better way to grow up: too fast like Darry or never growing up at all like Sodapop? Why?

Expert Answers
bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

From Ponyboy's point of view, Darry certainly has it much rougher than Sodapop. He has given up his own dreams of playing college football, working two jobs to support his younger brothers. Meanwhile, Sodapop has quit school, winding up working in a gas station. Other than his failed romance with Sandy, Soda has no worries and few responsibilities; unlike Darry, at least Soda has time to date and spend time with his friends. Darry has been forced to mature and face adult responsibilities, and though he seems to have little social life during the course of the story, he will not have to support his brothers forever. Darry will succeed in life, and perhaps he will eventually own his own construction complany (as many construction workers do); he is intelligent enough to eventually attend college or technical school if he so desires. Soda, however, is admittedly not very smart nor was he a good student. His future, despite his good looks and winning personality, doesn't seem as bright as Darry's (or Pony's). Not many people would want to grow up as fast as Darry, but he will probably find more opportunities in the future than Sodapop.