Which is better to play, a trumpet or a bass clarinet?

Expert Answers
estoverl eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are advantages and disadvantages to all instruments. With reference to trumpets and bass clarinets, there are many differences. Some consider reed instruments, such as a bass clarinet, more difficult to play and of a higher maintenance to own. There are many types of clarinets, a bass clarinet being larger and a deeper sound than traditional clarinets. Since it is the clarinet's deeper, larger cousin, it does not always have as many parts and definitely does not usually have as many solos as it's smaller, higher pitched standard clarinet. All clarinets are woodwinds and a trumpet is a brass instrument.

The trumpet would probably be called a much more popular instrument than a bass clarinet. Several reasons may make it the better instrument to play for you. Along with being generally more economical than a bass clarinet, the music played by a trumpet is often the main or well known part rather than accompanying pieces the bass clarinet might play. It has no reed to keep track of and is much more easily transported as it is much smaller. Trumpets have a sturdy mouthpiece rather than a fragile reed. If you have a desire to play solos, then the trumpet is probably the instrument to choose rather than a bass clarinet.

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