Which is better: a dialysis or a kidney transplant? And why?

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Dialysis is a method done in kidneys to remove the waste and excess water from the blood. This is generally a replacement for loss of kidney function due to renal failure. 

Kidney transplant is implemented when the diagnosis reaches the end stage renal disease. This is a very crucial method since the choice of kidney donor should have be biologically related proven through tests.

Now answering the question to which is better, there are certain factors that can affect the choice of medical attention. However, it would be better to have a kidney transplant. Here are some of the reasons:

1. Dialysis can only do 10-15% of work of the functioning kidney while transplant can do 50-85%. The more work a kidney can do, the healthier the person would be.

2. Transplant can make patients live longer. Dialysis can cause other medical problems.

3. You are not limited with the food and drinks since there is a new kidney in your system.

4. Since the dialysis schedule is removed, there will be more time you can use in your other endeavours.


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