Which is the better buy? 2L of pop for $1.99 or 12 X 355mL of pop for $3.99 ?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The difference is not all that great, but it is a little bit better to buy the 12 pack of 355 mL cans or bottles instead of the 2 liter bottle.

What you have to do to find this out is first to find out how much soda you are getting in the cans.  3*355 makes 4260.  So you are getting 4260 mL of soda in the cans.  Divide that by 3.99 and we find that you will get 1067 mL per dollar at that price.

Now divide 2000 (mL in 2 liters) by 1.99.  There, you only get 1005 mL per dollar.

So by buying the cans you get an extra 62 mL for each dollar you spend.

krishna-agrawala | Student

What is really better option should normally include many considerations like how much of pop is really needed. Information on these is not provided. So we will assume that the option which gives us lower price per liter (L) is the better buy.

We calculate the price per liter for each of the option as follows:

Option 1

Total quantity purchased = 2 L

Total amount paid = 1.99


price per Liter = (Total amount paid)/(Total quantity purchased)

= 1.99/2 = 0.995 $/L

Option 2

Total quantity purchased = 12 x 355 ml = 4260 ml = 4260/1000 L = 4.26 L

Total amount paid = 3.99


price per Liter = (Total amount paid)/(Total quantity purchased)

= 3.99/4.26 = 0.9366 $/L

Comparing the two options we see that it is more economical to buy 12 x 355 ml of pop for $3.99.

neela | Student

2L of pop costs$1.99. That is ,the price per L of pop is = $1.99/2 = $1.995 per litre

12*355mL of  pop costs $3.99. So the purchse price per L of pop = $3.99/(12*355mL) = $ 3.99/(12*0.355L) = $0.9366..per litre. So this purchse is cheaper.(or better assuming the quality is the same).